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3MK Armor Case Motorola Moto G22

Unikátní a žádaný produkt 3MK Armor Case Motorola Moto G22 originál od výrobce Krytárna máte možnost dostat právě teď v nabídce opravdu levně! Výhodně za cenu 519 Kč. EAN: 5903108494991
3MK Armor Case Motorola Moto G22
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It absorbs impact energy We tested Armor Case very rigorously – we had to make sure it was a really durable case. The Military Grade standard is not enough for us, so instead of 122 cm, we dropped the Armor Case protected phone from 175 cm. The test was passed successfully at Grant4com, an independent Finnish research centre! Corners that can take a lot Buttered toast always lands butter-side down after it falls. And can you predict how your phone will fall? Neither can we! That’s why when designing the Armor Case, we focused on reinforced corners, which cushion the impact energy even better, protecting the phone frame from bending. PZH Dscout’s research showed that the average user holds the phone in his hand for almost 2.5 hours a day. Armor Case is approved by the National Institute of Hygiene, which guarantees that it is free of harmful substances and safe for your health – no matter how much time you spend on the phone. ROHS While we’re protecting the phones, we’re concerned about the planet. Armor Case has successfully passed RoHS certification in an independent laboratory – this means that it is environmentally friendly and complies with strict EU directives on heavy metals and hazardous substances (including lead, mercury and cadmium). Precision worthy of a medal You connect the charger, headphones, turn down the music, block the screen, use the loudspeaker. And we make sure that all the functions of your phone work perfectly in the case. Look at EasyClick™ Buttons – the smartphone buttons are easy to operate. No more hard, mismatched plastic! Recommended for… Armor Case is uncompromising safety. Its reinforced structure is solid, yet it looks neat and feels good in the hand. It’s not a clumsy case that barely fits in your pocket. 1.5 mm thick is the golden mean: excellent protection and a great look. If you are looking for a more delicate case, check out the other 3mk Protection products.