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3MK FlexibleGlass Lite Huawei MatePad 10,4

Tento designový kus 3MK FlexibleGlass Lite Huawei MatePad 10,4 od známé značky Krytárna máte možnost nakoupit u nás za výborné peníze! Teď v akci 609 Kč. EAN: 5903108514279
3MK FlexibleGlass Lite Huawei MatePad 10
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Značka: Krytárna
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Less risk of screen breakage. FlexibleGlass Lite™ strengthens the screen resistance to impacts up to 200%25. Stay safe during use! FlexibleGlass Lite is a hybrid of foil and glass. Its flexible structure ensures full safety during use. An alternative to the 3mk bestseller. Lite version differs from FlexibleGlass in hardness and in resistance to impact. 100%25 precision and sensitivity to touch. FlexibleGlass Lite provides the impression of using a glass screen caused by a smooth slip. Almost invisible. FlexibleGlass Lite has a thickness of 0.16 mm, which enhances the feeling of no additional layer on the screen. Kit contains: one FlexibleGlass Lite™ (front) lint-free cleaning cloth wet cleaning cloth Fit-In™ positioning tabs Dust-Fix™ labels