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3MK Lens Protect Motorola Moto E13 [4 PACK]

Výjimečný produkt 3MK Lens Protect Motorola Moto E13 [4 PACK] od populárního výrobce Krytárna jednoduše naleznete zde za mimořádně nízkou cenu. Výhodně teď u nás za 339 Kč. EAN: 5903108513708
3MK Lens Protect Motorola Moto E13 [4 PACK]
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Značka: Krytárna
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High anti-scratch protection. Hardness of the screen kept on the high level of 7H is maintained by the additional ceramic layers which do not add to the former thickness of the glass. Lens Protection increases hardness of the screeneven by 2,5 times. In case of fall, it does not shatter into plenty dangerous little pieces. Not only is it crack resistant, but also hardens the screen. This significant feature is still very rare among typical and fragile screen protectors. Remarkably thin – 0,16mm. It feels like there is no additional layer on the screen. Lens Protection guarantees high durability while still being undetectable. Kit contains: 4 pcs. Lens Protection™ cleaning cloth