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Baseus 0,3 mm Anti Spy Glass Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro (case friendly) [2 PACK]

Výjimečný a žádaný výrobek Baseus 0,3 mm Anti Spy Glass Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro (case friendly) [2 PACK] od naší známé značky Krytárna snadno můžete získat u nás právě za nejnižší cenu! Aktuálně za 609 Kč. EAN: 6953156201866
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Značka: Krytárna
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Baseus 0.3mm Full-screen and Full-glass Tempered Glass Film and anti-spy function (2pcs/pack+Pasting Artifact) Take care of your privacy and do not allow unauthorized persons to read data displayed on your mobile phone. Stick Baseus tempered glass with anti-spy feature on the screen of your new phone. The above-stated glass serves as a polarizing filter and blocks light when someone looks at the screen from the side. The content is visible when you look straight, that is when you are the owner. The product itself not only secures against nosy strangers but also strengthens the display in case of mechanical damage. Thanks to the protection against crashing, the product cannot smash into tiny pieces of sharp glass, it will crack only. Specification: Brand: Baseus Hardness : 9H Thickness: 0,3mm Compatible with: iPhone with MagSafe Content of the set: 2 x Baseus full tempered glass  1 x installation tool Major features: Modernized, five-layered, explosion-proof, pressure-resistant structure. Highly precise transparent material assures good visibility, preventing peeking. Super-thin 0,3 mm, maximum reaction to touch. Hardness 9H, breaks in case of damage and does not get smashed into many tiny pieces. Arched structure, surface is smooth and safe. With installation tool for more precise assembly. Data displayed are visible only to you! Anti-spy glass Do you use your mobile phone in public places? Thanks to Baseus glass, visibility of the screen is highly limited within the range of 30 degrees. This means that persons who look from the side cannot see a single thing on the screen! Solid phone-protecting glass The glass not only protects against nosy strangers but also against damage. Its thickness is 9H – it will only break in case of fall, and will not smash into many sharp pieces. It is equipped with an explosion-proof function. Perfect adaptation of glass to screen Anti-spy glass perfectly fits the display throughout its surface. Sticking is simple and precise thanks to  ion absorption technology and automatic deaeration. Keep the display clean, protect against water A drop of water falling on the display with Baseus glass does not spill but remains condensed, and you can easily and quickly remove it from the screen.