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Crong 7D Nano Flexible Glass Samsung Galaxy M23 5G

Kvalitní a velmi žádaný produkt Crong 7D Nano Flexible Glass Samsung Galaxy M23 5G od kvalitní značky Krytárna snadno můžete pořídit na našich stránkách teď právě za extra cenu. Výhodně za skvělou cenu 399 Kč. EAN: 5904310702539
Crong 7D Nano Flexible Glass Samsung Galaxy M23 5G
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Značka: Krytárna
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CRONG’s non-cracking 7D Nano Flexible Glass hybrid glass is a guarantee of extremely effective protection for your smartphone screen. Thanks to its hybrid design, 7D Nano glass retains the same level of hardness as 9H tempered glass, but is thinner than it (only 0.2mm thick) and does not shatter when dropped with great force. Flexible Glass is additionally coated with a special AS (Anti-Smudge) coating for enhanced dirt resistance. Laser processing technology also ensures that the CRONG 7D Nano Protective Glass fits correctly to the rounded screen on the phone, so that it will not peel right off. Product features: – Flexible hybrid construction that is shatterproof – Adhesive layer is on the entire surface of the glass – Glass edges rounded off with 7D technology – Scratch resistance 9H (sharper) – Thinner than tempered glass (0.2mm thick – better touch response) – Special anti-soiling coating AS (Anti-Smudge) – Laser-cut for a precise fit – Compatible with most protective cases – Including accessories for cleaning the screen before installation – Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy M23 5G