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Dux Ducis Hamo Apple Watch 7 45mm silver

Hodně povedený produkt Dux Ducis Hamo Apple Watch 7 45mm silver od známého dodavatele Krytárna snadno pořídíte v naší online nabídce extra výhodně. V současnosti pořídíte za cenu 369 Kč. EAN: 6934913038765
Dux Ducis Hamo Apple Watch 7 45mm silver
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Značka: Krytárna
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Dux Ducis Hamo, case, case for Apple Watch envelope Apple watches are elegant, versatile and… scratch-prone accessories on the market. However, these aesthetic gadgets can remain in their best shape, all you need is adequate protection. A strong case with a minimalist form will play its role perfectly, and what’s more, it will make the watch look even better . Specification : Brand: Dux Duxis Model: Hamo Material: PC The most important advantages of the Apple Watch Dux Ducis Hamo case: Stylish look – a luxurious steel finish and a minimalist form make the case an additional decoration of each watch. Perfect for business outings and official meetings. Hassle-free assembly – just slide the case over the watch case. You do not pay for a visit to a specialist. Full protection – the case is made of polyurethane, a light, flexible and very resistant material. Thanks to this, the watch is fully protected against damage. Its screen is also protected. Galvanized surface – which looks as elegant as made of stainless steel or gold. This process also increases the degree of protection of the case. Convenient use – you don’t need to remove the case to charge the watch.