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Kingxbar Crystal Fabric Band Apple Watch 4/5/6/7/8/SE 40/41mm blue

Tento unikátní produkt Kingxbar Crystal Fabric Band Apple Watch 4/5/6/7/8/SE 40/41mm blue od spolehlivé značky Krytárna naleznete právě ve výprodejové akci! Na našich stránkách za 579 Kč. EAN: 6959003518132
Kingxbar Crystal Fabric Band Apple Watch 4/5/6/7/8/SE 40/41mm blue
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Značka: Krytárna
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Strap, Watch Bracelet 6 / SE / 5/4/3/2 (40mm / 38mm) Silicone Strap, Crystal Band, Kingxbar Crystal Fabric Band, Blue The perfect way to give your Apple Watch some luxury shine. The headband with an iridescent, heterogeneous structure will perfectly match any styling, without dominating it. Metal elements make the whole look very elegant . The flexibility and solidity of the band are other advantages that are particularly worth paying attention to. Specification: Brand: Kingxbar Series: Crystal Fabric Band Material: silicone Dimensions: 40mm / 38mm Compatibility: Watch 6 / SE / 5/4/3/2 Blue color The most important advantages of Crystal Fabric Band – glitter bracelets: A sublime accessory that highlights your style The accessory is made of flexible silicone Hassle-free assembly You have free access to the buttons on the watch Perfectly matched with Apple watches Everything in a flash The Crystal Fabric Band is distinguished by a glitter finish. The surface of the bracelet is densely decorated with small, light-reflecting elements , thanks to which, despite the uniform color, it always looks a bit different. The watch face cover is devoid of unnecessary accents, which makes the whole thing look neat. Elegant steel-colored finishes complete the stylish design. Flexible and solid bracelet Silicone – it was this material that served as the basis for the Crystal Fabric Band. It comfortably adheres to the skin on the wrist , and also effectively stabilizes the Apple Watch in one place. The bracelet will not break or wear, even during intensive use. Hassle-free assembly Thanks to the use of a universal coupler, there is no problem with replacing the strap and installing a new one. The bracelet has been precisely matched to the indicated model of watch, so it does not obstruct access to the buttons or cover the dial. Importantly, although the glitter covers the entire surface of the band, it is extremely easy to put on, so you can freely change your accessories at any time.