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Kingxbar PQY Geek MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max gold

Oblíbený a akční produkt Kingxbar PQY Geek MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max gold od společnosti Krytárna je k sehnání momentálně v bezva akci! Nyní pořídíte jen za 729 Kč. EAN: 6959003508799
Kingxbar PQY Geek MagSafe Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max gold
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Kingxbar PQY Geek Series magnetic case for iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe in gold Something for a real geek! This transparent smartphone case is inspired by the texture of a printed circuit board. Made of solid plastic, effectively protects the device against the effects of falls. Supports MagSafe technology, making wireless charging possible. Metal buttons in a contrasting color make this case look very modern. The cover is adapted to the iPhone 14 Pro Max , perfectly protects the phone against damage due to falls or scratches (for example, by keys carried in a pocket). Raised edges around the screen and rear camera protect the phone from scratching these elements when it is placed on a flat surface. It has responsive buttons and cutouts for ports. Perfect for people who value style, quality and want to take care of their device. Specification: Brand: Kingxbar Series: PQY Geek Series Material: TPU Compatibility: iPhone 14 Pro Max Device model code: A2651 A2893 A2896 A2895 A2894 Colour: gold The most important advantages of the PQY Geek Series case for iPhone 14 Pro Max: A trendy gadget that makes you stand out . A case just right for technology lovers. The accessory is made of TPU . The flexible material makes it easy to put on the case and fits securely in the hand, but above all it protects the back of the smartphone from damage. MagSafe compatible . Power your smartphone wirelessly without removing the case. As many as 38 strong magnets make the case firmly stick to handles or stands. Accurate cutouts . Thanks to them, you use your smartphone in a natural way, nothing blocks ports or buttons. Non-yellowing, antibacterial surface . The case does not become cloudy over time, and the special material from which it was made has antibacterial properties. Your smartphone will not be a hotbed of potential diseases. Raised edges around the lenses . The edges are 0.3 mm higher than the lenses, thanks to which they protect them from damage. You can freely put the phone down without worrying about damaging the camera. Independent buttons . Sensitive keys support comfortable use of the case, it is also a decorative element.