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Kingxbar Sky Swarovski Apple iPhone 13 gold (Guard)

Akční a ve slevě výrobek Kingxbar Sky Swarovski Apple iPhone 13 gold (Guard) od značky s dlouholetou historií Krytárna máte možnost sehnat tady a teď za extra cenu. Teď za akční cenu 609 Kč. EAN: 6959003552617
Kingxbar Sky Swarovski Apple iPhone 13 gold (Guard)
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Značka: Krytárna
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Elegant, gold finish and a solid cover for your smartphone – these are the basic benefits that make lovers of tasteful accessories choose the Kingxbar Sky Series case. The silky finish increases the comfort of use and makes the whole look even more exclusive. Luxurious finish The edges of the case are distinguished by their structure thanks to vacuum metallization. In this process, the metal is sprayed onto the plastic parts. The result is a solid structure that looks and harder than gold-plated. Swarovski crystals Airy, referring to the world of nature, decorations will surely convince lovers of elegant, feminine accessories. The undeniable advantage of the case are the accents with Swarovski crystals – with such an accessory it is impossible to pass by indifferently. Device protection Like every case from Kingxbar, the models from the Sky series are distinguished by the highest quality and guarantee of protection of the device against the effects of scratches or falls. A thin but solid cover makes the smartphone completely safe, but does not change the comfort of its use. Specification: • Brand: Kingxbar • Material: PC • Series: Sky