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Mophie Lightning – USB-A Cable 1m (white)

Tento levný kousek Mophie Lightning - USB-A Cable 1m (white) od kvalitní značky Krytárna pohodlně pořídíte u nás právě pořád výhodně! K sehnání zrovna v akci za 879 Kč. EAN: 848467093704
Mophie Lightning - USB-A Cable 1m (white)
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Značka: Krytárna
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The durable and efficient cable from the legendary mophie company is a guarantee of safe and fast charging of devices. Performance at the highest level Mophie cables use high-quality wires to ensure maximum power flow when connected to any USB charger. Durability you’ll appreciate Typically, plastic cables often get worn out and stop charging. Mophie’s nylon braided cables not only provide them with a great look, but also with extreme durability and protection against abrasion or tearing. Aluminum connector terminations further protect them from damage. Comfortable flexibility The cable’s reinforced internal construction provides it with exceptional strength while maintaining flexibility for comfortable use. The cable’s design further prevents tangles.