PURO 0.3 Nude Samsung Galaxy S23+ Plus (clear)

Tento exkluzivní produkt PURO 0.3 Nude Samsung Galaxy S23+ Plus (clear) od kvalitního výrobce Krytárna lze pořídit u nás právě opravdu výhodně. Nabídky od 499 Kč. EAN: 8018417440700
PURO 0.3 Nude Samsung Galaxy S23+ Plus (clear)
Značka: Krytárna
499 Dostupnost: SKLADEM
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Protect your Samsung Galaxy with the 03 Nude cover by Puro: totally transparent and flexible, it does not alter the shape and design, guaranteeing protection from scratches and dust. Ultra thin, light and shock absorbent. The 03 Nude cover for Samsung Galaxy, made of recycled material and contained in a 100%25 plastic free pack, combines protection and minimal design with the demands of environmental sustainability. Cover with ultra slim profile High quality TPU Resistant to abrasion and scratches Total transparency Compatible with wireless charging